Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chen Family Museum and Dinner Cruise

Today we went to the Chen Family Museum other wise known as the Guongdong Folk Art Museum. We went there back in 2007 with Lia. It is a nice place and we spent about an hour there. While we were there our paperwork was being reviewed by the US Consulate for Evan's Visa. All must have went well because we heard nothing. :)

We took a cab back to the island to pick up few items that we needed. We went into a place called Judy's and I can tell you it must have been the Lord who lead us in there. I will tell you more of this story once home. My feelings are still raw but I can tell you this is a beautiful woman! Please be sure to visit her shop when you visit the island.

The dinner cruise was awesome and I highly recommend it! It was warm but there was a cool breeze. We were glad we brought sweatshirts with us on the boat. Some of the items on the buffet was iffy but some was really good. The views were beautiful! Although we did see a dead cat (we think) in the water which grossed the young girls in our travel group out.

I could go into tons of details but everyone is in bed and I am falling asleep as I type. Enjoy the pictures as I'm sure we will not have much to blog about in the next couple of days. Tomorrow we are going to a botanical garden for our group picture and then to our Consulate Appointment. We'll be home before we know it! :)



  1. Glad you had a great day! Looking forward to hearing Judy's story! Continuing to pray for your precious family!

  2. My interest is piqued on Judy's story now! You are sooo close now! Loving the images, thanks for sending them daily. {HUG}

  3. It does look lovely and I too want to hear your Judy story. Evan looks lovely and relaxed in your company - I hope his transition into your family continues to be smooth!

  4. I'm so enjoying your trip. I'm already missing that place. And to think I've only been home over 2 weeks, and I was so anxious to get back home!

  5. So excited that you are coming home! I have missed talking with you! I also can't wait to meet the little guy. :) LOVE looking at all the pictures too!


  6. Wonderful pics!!! Wonderful day!!!

    I have heard about this woman. ;) Glad you got to meet her.

    I am envious of the cruise. My only question: did they have life vests??? I just don't think I could do it if not. It did sound amazing.

  7. I have enjoyed being able to follow along on your 2nd trip to China. Enjoy the rest of your trip~