Friday, October 23, 2009

Unexpected Blessings

As of today we've have been waiting 53 days for our LOA. I am hopeful we will see it at the end of next month but earlier would be better! :) This part of the wait has actually gone rather quickly. I'm sure as the numbers creep up it will get harder.

We struggled with the home study process and delays. I know it has added to our wait. I can honestly say that while I am sad that Evan is spending more time in an orphanage without his forever family I thank Jesus for unexpected blessings.

We have found a wonderful church after many months (year and a half) of looking. While doing this I have made some new friends. One (Michelle) is a sign language interpiter and an adoptive mom to one from China and a bio son. She hopes to adopt a deaf child from China in the future. Through her I have met Bev and Marcia who are both deaf and active in the deaf community. They have invited us to a sign language class that the church holds while the kids attend AWANA. So we are taking two classes and learning a ton.

Next month I will attend my first Deaf Women's Luncheon. My friends will be there with me but I must say I am nervous. Most of the women who were at last months luncheon know all about our family and they are excited to meet me at the next lunch. I was surprised to learn that they prayed for us. Oh, I should not have been because this is Christian Deaf Woman's Luncheon. How cool is that.

Had we been DTC sooner we would not have this opportunity to reach out to the deaf community. I am thankful we have this time to learn more and meet wonderful people! Thank you Jesus!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Pictures!

So we went a head and sent Evan a care package through Ann at Red Thread China. We were going to wait a few more weeks but I was starting to get a bit antsy. We really just want Evan to be fully prepared for our arrival. Hopefully he will understand that we are his family. Please pray that his nanny will be able to communicate that to him.

When we received his first update from the agency I thought he looked a bit different from his referral pictures. His eyes just didn't look as round and his face was fuller. Now we receive pictures that match the referral pictures but not the first set of updated pictures. I'm not sure if it was just because he was going through a chunkier stage or what. What do you all think?

Here are his new measurements -
height : 118cm - 46.5in
weight : 22kg - 48.4 lbs
head : 51cm - 20.1in
chest : 55.5cm - 21.9in
feet : 18.5cm - 7.3in
teeth : 22

Updated Measurements:
Height 115.5cm - 44.5in
Weight 20.5kg - 45.1lbs
Head 52.5cm - 20.7in
Chest 54.5cm - 21.5in
Feet 18cm - 7.1in
Teeth 20

Height 103.5cm - 40.7in
Weight 18.5kg - 40.7lbs
Head 51.1cm - 20.1in
Teeth 20
Chest 52.5 cm - 20.7

I'm loving his hair longer. I think he looks much thinner in these pictures. Oh and twice now I've seen his Chinese name translated different. Hopefully we can get that cleared up as we plan on using it as his middle name.

Is he not just sweet!